General Info

City transport to and from Sofia airport  

Sofia’s municipal transport system operates bus No 284 at regular intervals.  This bus connects the airport and the town bus stops.  Tickets are available at any news-stand.  Cab services between town and available. Payment is according to a cab's taximeter. If the car is not equipped with such meter we strongly advise you not to hire that cab.   
In flight

1/ BULGARIA AIR sells tax-free items on board its air planes – the prices are 20% lower compared to regular ones because you pay no duty or Value Added Tax - gifts and luxurious items, cigarettes, spirits and perfumes are offered.

2/ The use of mobile (cellular) phones is prohibited on board of BULGARIA AIR planes due to safety reasons.  Passengers must switch off mobile phones before boarding a plane and are not permitted to use them for the duration of the flight.  

Passports, visas and health regulations  
Both BULGARIA AIR and travel agencies will be pleased to give detailed information concerning passport, visa, health and/or other regulations.  However, BULGARIA AIR cannot accept responsibility for passengers being improperly or insufficiently documented.  Without a proper passport, visa and health documentation as required by the countries of exit, transit, and entry, the passenger may not be accepted for boarding.  

Airport registration

You are kindly requested to arrive at check-in location of airport at least one hour prior to the scheduled departure. This is necessary for the timely completion of different formalities related to Your journey.
When travel begins from an airport in Bulgaria, the check-in deadline is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. At UK airports where we operate from check-in  closes 40 minutes before departure.
In case You report after the latest check-in time BULGARIA AIR cannot guarantee Your check-in and embarkation and will not be liable for the negative results of Your delay

Incomplete documents or non-compliance with entry or exit regulations may have unpleasant consequences to you (refusal of entry/check-in for flight and fines). We recommend a consultation with your travel agent, embassies, consulates of the countries concerned. Please ensure personally that these documents are in order because you alone are responsible for the consequences of any irreqularity. 
All about your luggage

Free allowance of  hold baggage is 20 kg for passengers in Economy class and 30 kg for passengers in Business class.

Children over 2 years of age, and below 12 years, are entitled to a seat and baggage to the same extent as adult passengers. A passenger will pay extra charges if he/she has excess baggage, or if the dimensions exceed the limit.  For more detailed information please contact any BULGARIA AIR sales office.

BULGARIA AIR  charges 6GBP per kilogram of excess baggage from any UK airport on any destinations in Bulgaria. 

All passengers are entitled to carry, free of charge, one piece of cabin baggage, with maximum dimensions not exceeding a max. length of 56 cm, a max. width of 45 cm and a max. depth of 25 cm, furthermore, the sum of the 3 dimensions shall not exceed 126 cm.  Passengers may carry in the cabin the following items for personal use: a lady’s handbag, overcoat, shawl or blanket, umbrella or walking stick, a small camera or a pair of binoculars, a notebook, reading material for the flight, an infant’s food (for consumption in flight) and a carrying basket, a fully-collapsible wheelchair for a disabled passenger, and/or crutches or a supporting device that the passenger is dependent on.  The total weight of cabin baggage and items for personal use must not exceed 8 kg.

The excess baggage is carried on the same aircraft provided that the necessary space is available or has been reserved in advance.

All unchecked baggage and articles are in the care of and are the responsibility of the passenger.  Valuables, money, personal documents, medicines, keys, spectacles and sun glasses, jewellery and articles made of precious metals, cameras, video-cameras or other electronic devices and fragile articles may only be carried in limited quantities in cabin baggage. 

The carrier has no responsibility in the case of loss of or damage to these articles.  The passenger receives a baggage check tag for each piece of checked baggage submitted to the carrier for carriage and he/she shall keep it for possible future claims.  Each piece of baggage, prior to check-in, has to be marked with a name-tag, both outside and inside, containing the passenger’s name and his/her contact address at the arrival point (e.g., the address of a hotel).  The name on the name-tag must be the same as the name on the ticket.  Baggage, including baggage with zipper fasteners, should be properly locked to avoid its opening during carriage.  Bulgaria AIR is not liable for baggage not collected immediately upon arrival.

BULGARIA AIR does not provide baggage insurance.

According to valid international regulations, passengers are not allowed to carry weapons, ammunition, knives, toys that look similar to real weapons (e.g., pistols, etc.) and all other items of a stabbing or cutting nature.  Such items must be placed in checked baggage only.  BULGARIA AIR is not responsible for any items retained due to safety reasons. 



Travel information  

All air transport is subject to the rules and regulations contained in the “Conditions of Carriage for Passengers, Baggage and Goods” which may be viewed upon request at any BULGARIA AIR sales office.  The following information is only general and does not contain all conditions applicable for the carriage of individual passengers.

Passengers are advised to make a booking well in advance.  Inquiries can be made at any airline office or travel agency.  The seat may be confirmed, however, only after the ticket for the respective flight has been purchased.  Confirmed seating is indicated in the ”Reservation Status“ box of the ticket by the code ”OK“.  The code ”RQ“ indicates that it is not possible to confirm the requested seat yet.

If a passenger has reserved his/her seat in advance for his/her return or continuing flight, it is recommended to reconfirm his/her intention to use such a reservation at any BULGARIA AIR office or over the phone.
Some airlines, however, require reconfirmation.  In this case, failure to reconfirm may result in cancellation of such a return or onward reservation.

If a passenger cannot use a booked seat, he/she shall request its cancellation as soon as possible.  Under conditions determined by the regulations of carrier, or under conditions of the tariff – a cancellation fee may be collected if a confirmed seat is not used or is cancelled.  A passenger may cancel a booked seat 48 hours before departure at the latest.

Usually tickets are valid for 1 year from the beginning of first sector of trip, unless the conditions of tariff used determine otherwise.  If no flight coupon is used, the validity of the ticket is counted from the date of its issue.  If the entire ticket has not been used, the passenger may request compensation of the relevant amount – 30 days after the expiry date, at the latest, if the tariff conditions allow.

Details will be supplied upon application by an airline office or agency.  The price of a ticket for an infant under 2 years of age who is accompanied by an adult is usually 10% of the adult fare and the infant is without a seat.  A child between 2 and 12 years of age accompanied by an adult may receive a discount of up to 67 % of the adult fare and is entitled to his/her own seat.

Certain taxes and charges have already been collected at the time of payment for a ticket, while others have to be paid in cash at the time of check-in at the airport.  Airport taxes collected in Bulgaria have already been paid upon the issuing of the ticket or PTA.

Passengers who fall into the below categories of special conditions will be transported under the terms and conditions stipulated by the carrier.

1/ Ill and disabled passengers
Carriage of such passengers must be agreed upon and confirmed by the carrier in the reservation before the actual carriage.  In certain cases the carrier may require medical approval on a special form.  The form may be obtained from BULGARIA AIR sales offices.

2/ Unaccompanied minors (UMNR)
Unaccompanied minors are children between 5 and 12 years old, not accompanied by a person over 18 years old.  Passengers from their 12th to 16th birthday may also travel as UMNR on request of their parents. Please be advised that  a FEE of 35GBP PER FLIGHT PER PERSON will be charged in order to cover all expenses levied to BULGARIA AIR by handling agents and airports providing that service.

3/ Expectant mothers
Up to the end of the 34th week of pregnancy, a certificate from the attending physician is not required if the woman is has no medical problems.  If the woman does have medical problems, a medical certificate from the attending physician (on a special form) is required stating that the woman is healthy enough to be aboard an airplane.  After the 34th week of pregnancy, a medical certificate (on a special form) is always required.  A medical certificate must not be issued earlier than 6 days before commencement of journey.

Live animals may be carried to those countries only where ”arrival country” regulations allow, and under conditions determined for the actual country.  An Import Licence, issued by the State Veterinary Administration is required for all animals staying in Bulgaria longer than 3 months. Transport to Bulgaria may be refused in cases where the animal is not in good health, or in cases where there is an unfavourable epizootic situation in the country of origin.  Live animals must be carried only in special, sturdy containers for live animals – with sufficient ventilation openings and with a sturdy, impermeable bottom.  The carrier has the right to request consent to transport from the veterinary service, or approval for the container used, if this is deemed necessary.  A passenger must always make a reservation for the carriage of live animals. Some aircraft are not suitable for transport of live animals – BAe 146 – because their cargo compartments are not pressurized.



BULGARIA AIR, acting as an air carrier, assumes liability for damage during air transportation to the extent set out in the Montreal Convention.  Details are available in the “Conditions of Carriage for Passengers, Baggage and Goods in Air Transport”.
Should any passenger be interested in insurance against accidents for a particular flight he/she can make arrangements for coverage at any insurance company.  The indemnity guaranteed according to this insurance will be payable independent of eventual claims resulting from the preceding paragraph.

Major credit cards are accepted at BULGARIA AIR offices.
For your information the following credit cards are accepted at Bulgaria AIR offices in Bulgaria: EUROCARD/MASTERCARD, VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.  In our London office we accept DELTA, SOLO, SWITCH, MAESTRO,VISA ELECTRON(n/a if you pay over the phone), VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and JCB.